Your Body Knows The Way To Well-Being.

Personalized yoga instruction and Zero Balancing for greater body awareness and inner calm.

Embark on your personal yoga journey

Receive individual or group instruction in a safe, welcoming space. Let’s develop your yoga practice together.

Reclaim your body's natural balance

Experience the profound body-mind experience of Zero Balancing: a non-invasive touch therapy that clears blockages in the body’s energy flow.

Care For Your Whole Self - Inside And Out

Body Care is a multi-faceted approach that I’ve nurtured for decades. From tension-releasing techniques you can do at home to examining habits that contribute to wellness imbalances. Body Care education gives you tools needed for healthful change.

"It’s not about a fix. I listen and hold space...and journey with you the client, while on the table.

Witnessing the changes that come up, I allow you to be as you are."

Lisa Bardarson (Owner of Somatic Strategies)

"Lisa’s yoga class has been beneficial for me as I have the strength and flexibility to continue taking walks, riding my bicycle, playing golf and doing my own housework. I like that Lisa emphasizes posture, breathing techniques and meditation. I look forward to participating in the friendly relaxed atmosphere of this class."


Somatic Strategies, LLC
Lisa Bardarson
Gladwyne, PA

lisa [at] lisabardarson [dot] com
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