How Yoga Changed My Life

My yoga practice humbly connects me to something greater than myself. In 2010 I experienced a series of challenging losses that included the death of both my parents within a nine-month period. I credit my yoga practice with preventing me from sinking into deep depression. My practice gently led me towards a resilience I never knew I had and kept my heart open and in a state of gratitude.

One of my favorite asanas (poses) in yoga is the simple pose of Vrksasana or Tree Pose. Standing with my foot firmly rooted, I feel energy sinking into the earth while experiencing the luscious sensation of my verticality. When I use my breath to bring awareness to the front, back and side surfaces of my body the space supports and lights me up.

Why I Teach Yoga

Teaching yoga is a form of service for me and I get so much from it. Because I split my time between Costa Rica and Philadelphia my teaching schedule is fluid. Please share your email with me so I can update you on classes at the Yoga Garden in Narberth, PA and in Tamarindo, Costa Rica.

The power of breath, attention and movement enable us to peel the layers back to our shiniest selves. Creating sequences that move students intelligently from one shape to the next is important to me. As a yoga teacher my aim is to provide an environment in which students can discover, accept and grow.

An Exciting Discovery

Here’s a brief video of me demonstrating the mechanics of internal and external leg rotation in Virabradrasana II. This small shift made a big impact on how I stand in Warrior I and II. 

Please enjoy!

While I am no expert when it comes to Yoga, as an active middle-aged male, a former professional athlete and coach, and an aspiring surfer who refuses to allow life to slow me down, I recognize and understand exceptional knowledge, coaching, and instruction. Lisa’s background in dance and her accomplishments in Yoga contribute to her being an exceptional talent as a yoga instructor. Lisa’s calming and reassuring aptitude in the studio transcends to her students and participants. At the end of a long day in the surf, I have never felt as well as I do after an hour with Lisa in the studio. Thank you Lisa! I very much look forward to our next session.

Jamie Klein / Costa Rica
(retired) District Court Judge, Colorado
Former Director and Head Alpine Coach
Cyclist, Alpine Skier, Surfer

Yoga class has helped the pain
in my hips.

Lisa’s yoga class has helped to relax my neck.

Lisa teaches the wonder of yoga. The joy of breath and movement combined magically under guiding touch.


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