How I Do What I Do.

I draw upon my foundation as a dancer and deeply rooted
love of the body to help my clients achieve inner balance.

How My Journey Began

My early experiences as a dancer and choreographer were a glimpse into the transformational power of movement. This evolved naturally into a bodywork career.

I became certified as a massage therapist, Zero Balancing practitioner and yoga teacher. Over the past 30 years, I’ve happily explored my endless fascination with the body and movement. My education at the Laban Institute of Movement Studies fine-tuned my ability to see subtle movement patterns which benefited me as a bodyworker and in my life as an artist.

When working with clients, I tap into my experience as a performer: be prepared, breathe and be present are my mottoes. Performing requires a willingness to dive into the possibility of the moment — this is how I engage with my clients.

"The body says what words cannot."

Where I Am Going Now

Starting in 2017 I began dividing my time between Tamarindo, Costa Rica and the States. Costa Rica is a Blue Zone country full of great beauty and possibilities and is the perfect location for yoga.

Always evolving and learning I completed my RYT-300 at the Yoga Garden in Narberth, PA under the steady guidance of Mark Nelson and Nikki Robinson. 

Additionally, I have pursued my love of yin yoga and become a certified instructor with Sally Miller who studied under Sarah Powers, one of the founders of yin yoga. I am excited with the therapeutic synergies of yin yoga and Zero Balancing and I’m pleased to offer these two modalities.

My health is of the utmost importance to me and I am dedicated to my own practice of self-care which includes: nutrition, detoxing techniques, meditation, nurturing my creative life and enjoying life to the fullest. This includes spending time with my family and traveling.

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A Conversation About Inspiration

I was honored to be a guest on 30 Days of Inspiration, a recent production by talented fitness and yoga photographer, Joe Longo. We talk about my journey, what inspires me and what’s to come.

Please enjoy watching this video.

"Practice and honor what you love. We all have sacred voices and talents. Trust that it will lead to the right place."

Lisa Bardarson (Owner of Somatic Strategies)

Lisa’s two classes at PALM are geared to mature bodies, confined space and “do what you can” acceptance. Tuesday yoga stresses deep breathing, moderate stretching and strengthening core. These exercises have helped me with posture. Thursday Balance class focuses on deep breathing, strengthening leg muscles and walking toe to toe. These exercises have helped me feel more secure in daily walking. Lisa starts/ends on time and I love the massages at the end of class. This is a congenial group and the fellowship is enhanced by restful silence at the beginning and end of class. Thank you!

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