Zero Balancing

Is Zero Balancing Right For Me?

Zero Balancing works with both structure and energy and is surprisingly deep without being invasive. It is appropriate for almost everyone and is wonderful for the overstimulated and stressed out person looking to relax, quiet their chaotic mind and connect with themselves at a deeper level.

"Zero Balancing teaches that the deepest currents of energy are bone. that memory can be held in tissue, that energy fields in the body underlie mind, body and emotions and that imbalances in the field precede pathology."

How Does It Work?

Bones support our posture and absorb the forces of gravity and movement. Zero Balancing addresses the bones and foundation joints of the skeleton and the energy that is held there. Just as muscles can hold excess tension, so can bones. A Zero Balancing session is done on a massage table with the client fully clothed. Gentle traction and pressure points, called fulcrums are thoughtfully placed on bones and joints, allowing energetic redistribution in the deepest, densest tissues of the body.  A typical ZB session lasts from 30-45 minutes and leads clients into a deep, restful state that taps the internal reset button and clears blockages in the body’s energy flow. ZB relaxes and integrates, right down to the bone.

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My beautiful friend and fellow yoga teacher, Lisa Bardarson, just introduced me to Zero Balancing. It was a profound body-work experience that I highly recommend! I left feeling more integrated, still, connected, and balanced. Thank you, Lisa! My family and students thank you too!

So thankful for Lisa’s return to our corner of the universe. Like a blanket of self-care, woven and spun in both luxury and necessity, Lisa practices the art and medicine of Zero Balancing. Pure luxury because even more than body massage, which can be decadent, ZB addresses not only the container of the soul, but my soul. And this is the very reason why ZB is also a bare necessity. ZB has been key to accomplishing both my inside work of authenticity and my outside work of maintaining healthy boundaries. I’ve described ZB to people as the protective Teflon coating that keeps the inevitable negativities of others or circumstances from sticking and taking root into my personal identity, who I am and who I am becoming - - freeing me to be and become the best version of me. I am ever so grateful.


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