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Dancing With Yoga

Copied from my article originally written for Yoga translated can mean either yoke or union.   It is the unification of the breath with the asanas (postures) that quiets down the chatter of our thought-filled minds. By intentionally connecting the body with breath we open up the space where body,

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Great Xpectations

Copied from my article originally written for The evening began with a new work by Adam Barruch.  The dark tones of If the Heart Runs featured the full Ballet X company: William Cannon, Colby Damon, Chloe Felesina, Francesca Forcella, Zachary Kapeluck, Jaime Lennon, Caili Quan, Jesse Sani, Richard Villaverde and Andrea

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Lisa teaches the wonder of yoga. The joy of breath and movement combined magically under guiding touch.


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